The world of OnlyFans has enabled many individuals around the globe to supplement their income and in many cases, supply income beyond their wildest dreams. There are, however, many unknowns when it comes to the world of OnlyFans. In this article, we outline 5 key points or tips that current or future OnlyFans creators should consider.


Identity is more valuable for some than others. The question is, how are you identifying yourself on OnlyFans? Identifying yourself is not just posting your name or location, but revealing your face, your tattoos or identifiable features such as your jewelry, clothing, your bedroom, or any item/location that ‘real world’ associates could use to link your content back to you.

Some of our clients are completely anonymous and take steps to conceal their identity. For example, they wear masks that cover their faces, they photoshop birthmarks or tattoos, they take content in locations that are unknown to associates, and they never include items of personal property that could be linked back to them.

Other clients of ours have no concern for their identity, and willingly link their OnlyFans to their personal Instagram profiles.

If you need further help determining whether you remain anonymous, or identify yourself, consider points 2, 3 and 4 below.


What type of content are you going to publish? For many creators, it’s provocative selfies, with occasional nudity. For other creators, engaging in sexual acts is the norm.

If you are considering starting an OnlyFans page, this is a question you must consider. We believe that the simplest criteria to help determine what type of content you post, is the ‘family & friends test’. Ask yourself, on average (1) what would my friends and family think about this content and (2) do I even care what they think?

If your answer to question (2) is no, then you be your own guide. If the answer is yes, then consider adapting your content and identity accordingly.


Related to the ‘family & friends test’ is the likely event that your content is leaked by your subscribers and is proliferated around various leak sites on the internet. Understanding that your content may be published online without consent and may be brought to the attention of your friends, family or even co-workers, can help you answer questions (1) and (2) above, about whether you remain anonymous or not, and what type of content you publish.

While we hope it never happens to you, we see thousands of leaks published daily on websites set up with the express intention to distribute leaked content as far and wide as possible.


Before you start, consider whether you intend on pursuing this as a short or long-term opportunity.

If you intend on making this your primary income source, then you may be a bit more relaxed about the content you post; however, if this is short-term, you may want to reconsider what content you publish.

For example, some of our clients are medical students, law students or individuals climbing the corporate ladder and just looking for some additional income on the side. While this is great short term, there are long term consequences to their chosen career path. Thus, if this is a short-term exercise, it may be worth strongly considering points 1, 2 and 3 above, and only publishing ‘mild’ content and/or concealing your identity to limit the risk of any future concerns.


Finally, what are you going to do to protect yourself, and protect your content?

With regards to your personal safety, there are some important considerations. If you link your OnlyFans profile with your personal Instagram, you must be prepared that any content you publish on Instagram can be used to geolocate you. For example, consistently taking pictures at Surfers Paradise beach on the Gold Coast, Australia, is a pretty reasonable indication that you either live close by or go there regularly.

With regards to your content, it’s almost inevitable that someone will leak your content online. Not only can this cause considerable social and personal problems for you, i.e your friends and family find out, but this can also have financial ramifications. Many creators report a downturn in income when their content is leaked, as potential subscribers simply ‘Google’ them, and can easily find the content for free. If content is online for free, they won’t pay for a new subscription, and existing subscribers may not renew.

If you need advice regarding any of the points covered above, or something else, please contact Internet Removals for obligation free advice. We provide OnlyFans DMCA Removal & Protection services, and have removed over 900,000 problematic links for our clients.