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Our takedown notices are based around legal principles in which we advise platforms like Google and websites that they are violating these principles by allowing stolen/leaked content to be published and viewed on their platform. Our team utilise multiple monitoring programs including proprietary image recognition software to detect unauthorised uses of our client’s content to immediately submit our takedown notices.


From lodging our notices, the average timeframes for success are between 48-96 hours, however on rare occasions, they can extend out to 2-4 weeks.

Success Rates

While we aim for 100% success and do achieve this on a very regular basis, it may be unrealistic to expect. Success rates normally range between around 95-100%.

History of Internet Removals

Established in Australia in 2011, we’re the global leaders in our industry with offices in Australia, Singapore, US and Europe. We provide free advice, free resources and most importantly, we have over 550,000 successful removals!

What happens when you sign up?

Once you select the membership plan suitable for you, we can begin the onboarding process. This process includes obtaining some brief information from you, sometimes a copy of your ID, a signed letter of authority and any other documentation or information you may deem to be relevant.

Once we have this, we proceed with the next step which entails our team beginning the research and monitoring in order to locate and provide you with a list of the stolen content so we can begin contacting all responsible platforms demanding removal of the offending content.

From this point, although we will notify you once the content is removed, depending on your membership plan, you may also receive monthly reports.

We then continue working tirelessly on your matter, monitoring for new infringements and applying to remove any that occur.


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